You have set the date of your wedding, sent out invitations and started looking for a wedding dress and a groom’s outfit. Now it’s time to find a wedding photographer. But how do you do it? What do you need to think about? It’s a jungle out there and the supply is great. For those who do not have photography as a profession or main interest, it can be tricky.
Here are some points to consider when looking for the perfect wedding photographer.

1. Look at websites

Most photographers have a website. Search for “wedding photographer” and you’ll find lots. Start by looking around a bit, take your time. Read their blogs, look at their pictures. At this stage you do not have to worry about where the photographer is, the important thing is to see what you like and what you do not want.

2. Choose a style

Each wedding photographer has their own unique style. Here, too, there is a wealth. Here are some examples:

  • Documentary style: This is reminiscent of images found in newspaper reports. The photographer captures the moment and is often in the cloud. The images become natural and spontaneous and reflect the sense of the moment.
  • Editorial: Prepared, or heavily edited images, reminiscent of those found in fashion magazines and trendy reports. The feeling is here too, but it is created more than is captured.
  • Vintage: Maybe you want a romantic and nostalgic wedding photo. Then vintage is something for you. We think of pale roses, sepia and box cameras. But of course, the whole feeling is created in a modern and digital way.
  • Artistic photo: The photographer uses his creative spirit and plays with angles, reflections, and compositions.

3. Make an appointment to meet the photographer

When you get stuck for any style you like, look for a photographer who offers that style. And now comes an important part: You need to meet and talk. Why this? Well, for the pictures to be good, you have to feel comfortable and relaxed. A skilled photographer knows how to create calm and confidence and make people relax, but it is still an advantage if “personal chemistry” is right between you.

4. How long does the photography session take?

It may seem insignificant, but if you are going to take your wedding photo the same day you marry, you do not have all the time in the world. Estimate how long the photography session will take and customize your photo-wishes accordingly. Maybe you won’t be able to go out to the beautiful forest hill or go back and forth to that island. If you have a busy schedule during the day, it might be better to catch everything on-site and ship that lake.

5. Where do you want to take the pictures?

If you now have all the time in the world – where do you want to take the pictures? In a modern studio or in Grandma’s old red cabin? Maybe you want to be outdoors or simply prefer to have a white wall behind? Or why not a combination of everything? And what if it rains? No problem, a good wedding photographer solves such trifles.

6. What parts of the wedding do you want to document?

There are also a variety of alternatives. What you choose depends in part on what style you want in your wedding photography. Anyone who prefers a more documentary style may want to photograph the entire wedding day. So not only the wedding itself but also the preparation. The hairdresser’s visit among combs and hair sets can be a hilarious memory in the album. Maybe even the tail sex can be documented, how the shirt is ironed in the morning and when the last piece of the wedding cake is served. Others may settle for the wedding act itself and possibly some pictures from dinner afterward. There is no right or wrong, only the taste and the imagination set the boundaries.

7. What does the wedding photographer offer for preliminary work?

Some photographers choose to meet the bride and groom before it’s time for a photoshoot. Maybe you take a series of pictures as a soothing start, or you just see for a chat over a cup of coffee. This can be good for both parties. You get to know each other a little and above all, the photographer gets an idea of ​​who you are. Then it becomes easier to take pictures that reflect both you and your wedding in a way that feels natural and genuine.

8. How do you want to save your memories?

This may seem obvious. But here it is still important to choose, even if it is about such basic things as size and glossy or matte paper. Do you want it framed or saved in an album? You may prefer to save everything digitally. You may want to wallpaper the entire bedroom wall with memories of the party. Or maybe a small portrait is enough to save in your wallet. And don’t forget parents, siblings, and friends. They also want a memory. Not to mention the thank you card. The guests also want a photo to save in their albums.

9. Ask questions.

When you have found your perfect dream photographer, ask questions.

  • What if you are not happy with the pictures? What conditions apply?
  • Does the photographer work full-time in photography or does he or she have some other profession besides?
  • How many weddings can the photographer document in one day? Are you the only ones that day or do he or she have more assignments?
  • What happens if the photographer gets the flu or breaks a leg just right before your wedding day? Does he or she have any backup so you don’t have to rush around and find a new photographer at the last second?
  • If the photographer is at the party to photograph, how will he/she be dressed?

10. The price

What is included in the price? Is there a package price option? Find out exactly what you pay for. Then you avoid misunderstandings and boring surprises.


Finding a good wedding photographer can be done by anyone. It is just a matter of taking enough time, considering what you want and making it easy with the decisions. Stick to these points, and you will surely have a wonderful and memorable wedding day with photographs that perfectly live up to your expectations!

Let’s have a talk and see if we are a match! 🙂